26th May Walk


Setting off at 10am from St Mary’s Stoneleigh in the mist, 32 pilgrims enjoyed improving weather on Saturday 26th May to complete the third section of the Coventry Pilgrimage to St Leonard’s,Ryton. It was a real thrill to have St Giles’ in Bubbenhall open, what a treat – stone carved last supper, bell ropes and beautiful churchyard reached by a walk through sheep fields. The timing worked out perfectly for us to pray the Coventry Litany of Reconcillation together in St Giles’. Each walk we have such a selection of parishes represented from across the diocese, Whitley, Allesley, Stretton Baskerville to name a few from this walk with everyone enjoying new areas of the countryside outside of their local area.  Thanks again to Stoneleigh for opening up both the church and car parking and to David and Francis at Ryton and Bubbenhall for opening up and so thoroughly welcoming us in – what a lovely and welcoming lunch you put on for us all – marvellous cheese!  See you for the next one,  Ryton – Brinklow: 10am Saturday, 30th June, St Leonard’s, Ryton to set off for St John’s, Brinklow via St Margaret’s, Wolston.