30th June Walk

Take the true compass now, be compassed round
By clouds of witness, chords of love unbound.
Turn to the Son, begin your pilgrimage,
Take time with him to find your true direction.
He travels with you through this darkened age
And wakes you every day to resurrection.
from Malcolm Guite Pilgrimage

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Walk 4: Saturday June 30th
5.9 miles
Ryton on Dunsmore via Wolston to Brinklow

10am St Leonard, Ryton on Dunsmore Church Road CV8 3 ET
Walk 2.1 miles
Approx. 11.15 am St Margaret Wolston Main Street CV8 3HJ Open for refreshments
Walk 3.8 miles (Noon stop to say the Coventry Litany of Reconciliation together) Approx. 1.30pm St John the Baptist Brinklow Broad Street CV23 0LR Open for refreshments.

Ryton on Dunsmore: Park considerately on the street.
Wolston: Park on the road between the school and the church. (Church car park in use by parents and children for an event)
Brinklow: Park on the road where you can. Remember to arrange transport in a group if possible, sharing cars and leaving a car at your destination, before driving to the starting point – not forgetting that everyone’s boots or sturdy shoes or trainers need to be with pilgrims at the starting point!

St Leonard’s church fete begins at mid-day and pilgrims would be welcome.

Walk leaders for June 30th
Paul and Pam Cavendish from All Saints Allesley

Walk notes:
Walking is on tracks or over fields with some road walking. Take care for your own safety on the roads and by the gravel works towards Wolston. Between Wolston and Brinklow if there are cattle in the fields do not run.

Blessed are those whose strength is in you,
Who have set their hearts on pilgrimage.
Psalm 84.5

Coventry Pilgrimage 2018 Planning Group (Paul and Pam Cavendish, John and Margaret Lloyd) c/o John Lloyd, Cathedral Reader jwlloyd49@gmail.com