Coventry Pilgrimage 2018

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To be a pilgrim is to undertake a journey with a spiritual purpose. We invite you to walk some or all of the Coventry Pilgrimage route in 2018.

The Coventry Pilgrimage route was first mapped, and the route booklet printed, for the 2012 pilgrimage celebrating the 50th anniversary of the new Coventry Cathedral.
The route begins at St Laurence Church Meriden and continues from church to church for almost 50 miles, circling Coventry, making use of the established Coventry Way long-distance footpath, and finally reaching Coventry Cathedral down the Sherbourne Valley Way.

In 2018, in celebration of the Centenary of the modern Coventry Diocese, pilgrims walked the Coventry Pilgrimage route in short sections (4 to 6 miles) on the last Saturday morning of each month for 9 months from March to November.

The pilgrimage began on Easter Eve and ended at the Cathedral on the Eve of Christ the King.

Anne Dickinson, one of the pilgrims, has written a reflection about the pilgrimage. Read it here and the postscript here.


Coventry Pilgrimage 2018 Planning Group (Paul & Pam Cavendish, John & Margaret Lloyd) c/o John Lloyd, Cathedral Reader Cathedral & Diocesan Offices,1 Hill Top, Coventry CV1 5AB


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